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customer surveys

our customers are the PRIORITY 

In order to measure if we are meeting our customer's needs, we have partnered with The Daniel Group to randomly conduct surveys specific to a recent invoice.  We know your time is precious, so our program is set up to survey you no more than twice a year.  If you have any feedback you would like to share in addition to our surveys, please feel free to fill out the form on this page or email

We are pleased to announce the reduction in survey questions by almost half!  Our partner The Daniel Group conducts the surveys for us and on average it’s a two minute conversation for our phone survey. 

We ask for your continued support of our survey program.  By completing the survey, it gives us a baseline measurement of how you feel about us as a company, our employees, as well as our operations.  When you mention an employee that does a good job (or not so good job), management reviews and uses in performance evaluations.  Any operational/process mentions are all reviewed and then prioritized for future project initiatives.  Unfortunately continuous improvement project initiatives are not immediate changes but please know we do review your suggestions, share them with our team and keep them in mind for improvement.  We know we’re not perfect but we are looking for ways in which we can be your preferred supplier each and every time that you do business with us. 

Please complete the survey when the opportunity arises, the information you provide really does go a long way.  Ideally we want to see a survey score of a 9-10 as that it implies we’re meeting your needs.  Anything less means we need to improve.  Some areas of improvement stemming from survey responses include:

  • Updated call flows and changes with our phone routings
  • Invoice receipt options (we can email invoices and provide account information online, see customer tools at the top if interested)
  • Improve service communications – we’ve partnered with a company called Modern to help our service departments text status updates of a machine repair

Thank you for being a customer and the opportunity to work together in the future!

We will always strive to be the customer-preferred provider of quality products, superior value-added support services, and innovative solutions in all markets we serve. Our business conduct will uphold our values while enhancing the success of our customers, employees, suppliers, and communities.